Aarwil Health, Inc was created to help you gain greater control of your health by offering user friendly products that may be used as an alternative to medications which may cause serious side effects and/ or dependency.

The Founders

Jeffrey G. Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr.Wison, a licensed clinical psychologist, has 25+ years’ experience in the field of applied psychophysiology. He has operated a behavioral medicine private practice in Orange County, California specializing in the treatment of insomnia, ADHD disorders, chronic pain, and other stress related problems. The past 15 years have included additional specialization in EEG Biofeedback & Quantitative EEG for the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum, head injury, Parkinson’s disease and other brain dysfunctional disorders. He also has consulted with companies who design and produce biofeedback equipment.

Barry L. Aaronson, Ph.D.

Dr.Aaronson, a licensed clinical psychologist, has designed and implemented 14 hospital and clinic interdisciplinary programs in the last 25+ years. These programs helped patients suffering with problems of insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress management, cardiac and G.I. disorders, drug/alcohol dependency problems, and those individuals experiencing severe chronic pain. In addition to conducting a clinical private practice in Irvine, California, he has supervised and trained over 300 psychology doctoral students, nurses, and substance abuse counselors at the various clinics and hospitals as well as at corporations where he set up Wellness Programs.

Introducing the SleepSound™ App from Aarwil Health

So many people suffer from sleep problems, the market is flooded with pills, herbs and more recently apps for smart phones and other mobile devices. If you are hoping to do more than just monitor sleep, look no further, the SleepSound™ App is designed to help you fall asleep and improve sleep patterns over time. To learn more visit our website SleepSound.com

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