Sleep Interrupted by Shooting Pain

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Fibromyalgia, Considered To Be A Common, Lifelong Rheumatic Disorder Responsible For Amplified Pain That Shoots Through The Body.

The condition is often hard to diagnose if one is not familiar with classical symptoms because there isn’t a single cause and no outward signs. Fibromyalgia is thought to come more from the brain and spinal cord than from the areas of the body in which someone may experience peripheral pain. Because pain pathways throughout the body are amplified in fibromyalgia patients, pain can occur anywhere, so chronic headaches, GI pain, shoulder, and sensory hyper-responsiveness are common in people with this painful condition.

Most people with the disease complain of trouble sleeping. Sleep problems with fibromyalgia include insomnia or difficulty falling asleep as well as frequent awakenings. It is common for a patient with insomnia to report that they wake up day after day feeling exhausted with no energy and great difficulty concentrating during the day, a condition referred to as “fibro fog”.

For people suffering fibromyalgia, the combination of pain and sleep disturbance is a double edged sword: the pain makes sleep more difficult and the sleep problems intensify the pain.

In a classical medical study, healthy middle age women with no fibro symptoms were deprived of slow wave sleep for three days and then developed pain symptoms similar to what is diagnosed in fibromyalgia. Their symptoms disappeared once they resumed a normal sleep pattern.

The use of sleeping aids (meds) is considered a poor long term solution to the sleep induced fibromyalgia problem. Approximately 2% of the US population suffers with fibromyalgia (between 4-6million)

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