Business Travelers’ Blues

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Less Performance and Productivity

Business travel demands high performance and stress–change in routine for meals, schedule changes, late nights, unfamiliar hotel environment, meeting people you don’t normally work with and more. All add up to major sleep problems. Over 50% of travelers for business or pleasure sleep poorly the first two nights regardless of how nice your hotel accommodations may be.

Losing as little as 1.5 hours per night reduces daytime alertness by 33% resulting in impaired memory, concentration and creativity. Sleep deprivation can also lead to mood alterations (increase depression and/or anxiety) slower reaction times and increase risk for accidents. This translates to less performance and productivity.

Exercise can counter some of the sleep deprivation effects as well as non-medication methods to relax.

If you’re crossing time zones the Jet Lag can be a problem. It takes about one day to recover for each time zone crossed. Jet Lag results from a disruption of your natural circadian rhythm—your biological clock which is usually synchronized with your local time to regulate when you get hungry and when you are normally sleepy. Typical Jet Lag symptoms can include some combination of the following: sore muscles, lack of energy, fatigue, poor concentration, feeling disoriented, and nausea


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