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Insomnia Linked To Heart Failure

Recent research from Norway suggests a strong link between insomnia and increase risk of heart failure.

In heart failure the heart stops pumping enough blood around the body at the correct pressure, usually because of stiffness of the arteries and the heart muscle becoming too weak to work effectively.

Based on an 11 year study looking at insomnia and cardiovascular risk factors from 54,279 men ; and women aged 20-89, who were free of heart failure at the beginning of the study, the following was found: Those who reported insomnia symptoms suffered a threefold increase risk for heart failure, compared with having no insomnia symptoms. This was the case even after adjustment for factors that could affect the results such as age,sex,marital status,smoking, alcohol, and depression and anxiety.

Researchers concluded that difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep increased the risk of developing and/or dying from cardiovascular disease.

Laugsand,LE,et al Insomnia and the risk of incident heart failure, apopulation study, European Heart Journal,March,2013.


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